2018 Gympie RC Div 8 By-Election : 5 May 2018

Election Timetable:
Election Timetable
Returning Officer Details:
Returning Officers
Total Enrolment Figures:
Female: 2,236  
Male: 2,235  
Total: 4,471  
Ward Profile Selection:
Division 8
Polling Booths & Parties:
Polling Booths
Pre-Poll Office Locations:
Pre-Poll Office Locations
Postal Application:
Postal Vote Application Form  (More Information)
Electoral Visit Application:
Electoral Visit Vote Application Form  (More Information)
Election Results:
2018 Gympie RC Div 8 By-Election Results
Voters Helpline:
If you have any questions about the election, call the Voter's Helpline on 1 300 881 665 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or between 8am to 6pm on Polling Day, Saturday 5 May.
Interpreter Services:
Are available by calling 13 14 50.
PDF Resources:
PDF Resources

Enrolment and Voting is Compulsory.