Register of Political Parties : 2015 Napranum Mayoral By-Election

Name of Political PartyAustralian Labor Party (State of Queensland)
AbbreviationAustralian Labor Party
Registered OfficerEvan Moorhead
Date of Registration14 August 1992
Name of Political PartyQueensland Greens
AbbreviationThe Greens
Registered OfficerNeil Cotter
Date of Registration6 May 1994
Name of Political PartyFamily First Party Queensland
AbbreviationFamily First Party
Registered OfficerSimon Green
Date of Registration12 April 2006
Name of Political PartyLiberal National Party of Queensland
Registered OfficerLincoln Folo
Date of Registration9 September 2008
Name of Political PartyPauline Hanson's One Nation Queensland Division
AbbreviationPauline Hanson's One Nation
Registered OfficerPauline Hanson
Date of Registration12 August 2011
Name of Political PartyKatter's Australian Party
Registered OfficerRay Sawyer
Date of Registration22 September 2011
Name of Political PartyPalmer United Party
Registered OfficerClive Mensink
Date of Registration5 June 2013
Name of Political PartyConsumer Rights & No-Tolls Party
Registered OfficerJeffrey Hodges
Date of Registration23 October 2015