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Welcome to virtual tally room

Welcome to the Virtual Tally Room for the 2006 Queensland State Election Web Site. The Virtual Tally Room is designed to provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date information on progressive election results.

The virtual tally room is our online version of the Tally Room at Southbank Convention Centre . Similar to the Tally Room, our virtual version reports on election results at the state level, per district and even by polling booth. Results are reported directly from the Electoral Commission of Queensland's (ECQ) head office at Mary Street in Brisbane .

To assist your understanding of the information available on the Virtual Tally Room site, this guide illustrates the navigation of the site and provides explanations of terms and references used. We have also included sample web page screens with descriptions and explanations to assist with your use of the Virtual Tally Room. Note that the results displayed in the sample screens are examples only, based on test data from the 2004 State General Election.

System Hierarchy

The entry point for the virtual tally room is the Electoral Commission Queensland's home page – www.ecq.qld.gov.au .

Depending on the date you access the entry point, the default page displayed may be different:

  1. Prior to Election Day - www.ecq.qld.gov.au will take you to the ECQ's home page. From here, you can select the ‘All you need to know' link which contains a link to the Election Summary Page (refer to Screen 1). Or click the ‘ Virtual Tally Room' link which directly links you to the Election Summary Page.
  2. On Election Day (after midday) - www.ecq.qld.gov.au will take you directly to the Election Summary Page.

The Election Summary Page is the main navigation point of the virtual tally room which you can use to view election results at the State level, or select a district to view results at the district level (District Summary Page) or even by polling booth (Booth Details Page).

The following diagram illustrates the navigation of the Virtual Tally Room.

  1. Election Summary Page
  2. Commission Messages
  3. Results by District List
  4. Declared Seats Summary
  5. Declared Districts Details
  6. Notional Two Candidate
    Result (N2CP)
  7. Two Candidate Results after
    Distribution of Preferences
  8. Total Formal First Preference
    Vote by Party
  9. Ahead on Primary Vote
  10. Vote Types Summary
  11. Total Candidates Nominated
    for Election by Party
  12. Party Formal Vote Greater
    than 4%
  13. Candidates Formal Votes
    (grouped by Party)
  14. Candidate Formal Votes
    (sorted) Ascending by %
  15. District Summary Page
  16. Results Summary by District
  17. Notional Summary by District
  18. Vote Types Summary by
  19. Booth Details Page
  20. Primary Results by Booth
  21. N2CP Results by Booth
  22. Summary of Distribution of
  23. Party Summary Page
  24. Ahead on Primary Vote –
    District Details
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